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Diane Robertson Design

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First impressions are particularly important for the voluntary sector, where many organisations are financially dependent upon the generosity of strangers. Here, good design is not an option but a fundamental requirement. If you don’t look contemporary, professional and focused, will donors be convinced that you’re the kind of organisation that deserves their support?

However, while not-for-profit companies need good design like never before, their unique requirements present a tall order to any designer. Reach, effectiveness, impact and value for money must be as high as possible, but budgets will always be on the tightest rein. And while there are plenty of design agencies to choose from, how many of them truly understand – and can fulfil – the very particular needs of a typical voluntary sector organisation?

We can. We understand. After many years of experience we know precisely what the voluntary sector needs from design. We have learned how to achieve spectacular gains in design effectiveness by putting function before form. We dig deep into our clients’ activities to help them understand exactly what they need to do, and how we can help to achieve those objectives using our design expertise.