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Diane Robertson Design

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When considering the impact of design upon an organisation’s public face, it is important to establish a clear distinction between corporate and brand identity.

A corporate identity is based upon a unique suite of graphics and typography, applied consistently across all visual contact points between an organisation and its audience. That includes everything from stationery to website, brochure to invoice.
Brand identity, meanwhile, is an overall impression of a company’s activities, formed by its audience in response to what they see, hear and experience at first hand and in the media.

While a corporate identity can be created in days, growing brand identity takes a little longer. And it stands to reason that without a strong corporate identity, building a brand is much harder to do.

Our portfolio is full of corporate and brand identity work. Our tactical and strategic ability allows us to meet all manner of visual communication needs, from simple logo creation to complete rebranding exercises. We are equally accomplished in devising looks and logos for brand-new enterprises, and sympathetically rejuvenating existing identities. We ensure that corporate communications are clear, targeted and tailored to your marketplace. Let us develop the design and build your brand.